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A New Trend for Remedial of Incipient Faults in Induction Motors: A Case Study of a Single-phase Fault

J. Nandan, R. Gobbi


The term reliability is a criterion that is a must in the procurement and selection process of an electrical machine. As the cost of machines varies proportionally to its reliability status, studies have been conducted throughout the world to achieve one ultimate goal – to produce a machine with higher reliability and minimum cost spent in manufacturing it. In this paper, simulation of a single-phase fault for a loaded three phase induction motor is studied using the MATLAB/SIMULINK tools. The output results of the simulation are analysed, discussed and related to the incipient fault case. Finally, based on the findings a new critical control system which is added to the commonly practiced algorithm is proposed here for the detection and remedial of incipient faults particularly in critical load systems.


Electric Machines, Reliability, Condition Monitoring, Fault-Tolerant, Critical Load

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