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Garbage Monitoring System Using IoT

K. Ramya, P. M. Aarthi, S. Ramya, B. Suriya Prakash


The level of cleanliness is very much important in the country. Due to poor garbage monitoring system, we see the garbage bins being overloaded and spills out from the bins causing pollution. To overcome this problem essentially, this project is designed which is about collecting the most amount of materials in the short period which is also cost efficient[1]. The project is designed in such a manner that it is supposed to work with all type of bins which contain any type of waste materials which may be mixed materials like papers, glass, metals and fluids[5]. This project also includes grinding system. When the blade rotates, it breaks waste materials into small powdery particles, so that large amount of wastes can be dumped in the bin and also it will be a time efficient[3]. This process have a fully functioning IoT prototype, project design also consists of ultrasonic sensor for detecting whether the bin is filled with waste or not and arduino for transfer of data[6].


Cleanliness, All Type of Materials, Grinding System, IoT Prototype, Arduino.

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