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A Case Study on Battery Management System for E-Vehicles

R. Ganesan, S. Pandeeswari, S. Rajasekaran, S. Jeganathan


This paper majorly focuses on evolution of Energy Management System (EMS) in Electric Vehicles (EVs) and its components in various epochs. When describing the EMS in detail, it is mandatory to describe the significance of the battery in an EV. The battery plays an important role in electric vehicles to deliver the required power to the electric motor for the transit. For safe and reliable operation of batteries on electric vehicles, the online monitoring and states estimation of the batteries is essential. This can be achieved by a Battery Management System (BMS).Beside BMS, there should be a control over the optimal power flow between battery, converters and other parts of a vehicle. This control is called Energy Management System (EMS).Thus overall vehicle performance strongly depends on this EMS. Thus the design of EMS gains importance to decrease the energy consumption or improvement in system efficiency, to increase the battery life period and to achieve clean and efficient transport system by ensuring long product life and safe drive experience.


Electric Vehicle, Battery Management System, Energy Management System.

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