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A Preliminary Study on RFID Library Management System

S. Aruna, Mallikarjuna Nandi, G. Gokila Vani


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an emerging technology in the field of data identification which works automatically. The capabilities of RFID and its features are facing improvement in many applications. RFID refashion the working practices with the help of increasing efficiencies and improving profitability. It is often applied as a replacement for today’s barcodes used in the library books. Also this technology has much greater efficiencies like providing individual serial numbers for each item and the reading capability can be achieved even at a distance of several meters. They have an easy deployment facility than wired solutions and these networks will enable improved understanding of processes and environments through continual monitoring of a larger set of parameters. In this thesis, the issue and return of books are recorded by the use of RFID Tags. It has the capability of both read and writes and hence updating the data encoded in the label is possible in the tracking cycle. The members will have the RFID tags as ID card, within that a transmitter is present. In the librarian section a receiver will be placed. Also a transmitter module is placed inside the book. By this transmitter and receiver, a member can automatically put the entry for issue and return of books without the help of librarian. If the member returns the book within the due period then the member is allowed to take another book, if he needs. If the member doesn’t return the book within the due period and tries to take another book then it alerts the librarian about the member. This automates the library and reduces the burden of the librarian. Also it makes the library as a user friendly environment.


RFID tag, RFID Reader, Arduino

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