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Design and Fabrication of Automatic System Overhead Tank Cleaning

S. Abhishekh, D. Kiran, P. Praveen, Dr. K. L.  Senthilkumar


In this modern world, cleaning of overhead tanks manually is a tedious job. To overcome this we have aimed at tackling the disadvantages of cleaning overhead tanks, so an automatic system overhead tank cleaning is designed to provide high safety, high efficiency, less time for cleaning and to avoid environmental pollution problems. Purpose of this project is to clean domestic cylindrical water tank with the help of mechatronics system. The mechatronics system consists of a grooved gear rod attached to two arms with brushes at ends. The two arms are connected to the gear rod by nut. By rotating the gear rod, the up and down motion of the two arms is achieved. The gear rod is rotated with the help of a D.C gear motor. The main grooved shaft is powered by an A.C motor. The motor and the shaft are connected by a rubber belt. The clockwise rotation of the main shaft will make the arms move and vice versa. The whole operation is controlled by a circuit consisting of relay switches, buttons, and PIC microcontroller. The number of times for the operation to repeat can be fed into the circuit. The achievement of this project is reduction of cost and manual labour because there will be harmful diseases for the person who will go inside and it will affect the health as well as the other human being who consumes water from the tank.

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