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A Review on Artificial Intelligence for Smart Computing Systems

J. Ramírez, A. Ortíz


In this article, we review a number of pros and cons, including the meaning and application of artificial intelligence. We also considered the latest technological developments in the real world and discussed the application of AI in the fields of heavy industry, gaming, aviation, weather forecasting and expert systems, focusing on expert systems. Specialty applications for AI include expert systems, speech recognition, and machine vision. AI can be classified as weak or strong. Weak AI (also known as Narrow AI) is an AI system designed and trained for specific tasks. Virtual personal assistants (such as Apple's Siri) are weak AI. Powerful AI, also known as artificial intelligence, is an AI system with a wide range of human cognitive capabilities. When performing unfamiliar tasks, powerful AI systems can find solutions without manual intervention. The artificial intelligence that makes computers behave like humans is human-like, fashion-like, and humans spend much less time. Therefore, it is called artificial intelligence. This article concludes by analyzing the future potential of artificial intelligence.

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