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SMS Based Vehicle Tracking System using GPS and Android OS

V. Lavanya, D. Jayakumar


A mobile phone application has been developed and deployed on an Android Phone whose responsibility is to track the GPS location and send it to a remote location. The safe of vehicles is extremely essential for public vehicles. Vehicle tracking and locking system installed in the vehicle, to track the place. In this system client just send one message to the vehicle and the vehicle mobile will send you the current location of your vehicle in the form of web link and user has to click on a link and that link goes to Google map and will show the current location of your vehicle. At the same time Mobile Providers are also providing the variety of services to users. In attempt to expand on this, we propose a GPS based vehicle tracking system for an organization to help to find addresses of their vehicles and locate their positions on mobile devices. The proposed technology allows organizations to track real-time information about their organizational vehicle during travel. Today for local transport most people use Bus as a medium. Android application which provides the exact location of all organizational vehicles. During vehicle motion its location update can be continuously reported to a server using GPRS service.


Vehicle Track, GPS, Tracking Unit, android Mobile Application, Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM).

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