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Monitoring and Traditional Analysis of Equipments Used in Indian Coal Based Thermal Power Station

R. Gokila, B. Chellapandian, P. Karthick, L. Kumaresan, N. Ranjithkumar


In the recent trends and emerging developments in energy production, it is very essential to monitor all the equipment frequently in a thermal power plant and comparative analysis is to be done to ensure safety and proper functioning of the entire system. Coal based thermal power stations are the leaders in electricity generation in India. As resources are not abundantly available, there is a need to optimize the wastage of energy. An attempt is taken to monitor various equipments such as boiler, Turbine, Coal and Ash Handling systems, boiler feed pump etc., and their performance is analyzed through SCADA. Equipments are monitored regularly for proper functioning and analyzed for improving parameters like performance, efficiency, etc., A special concentration is given to Condition Monitoring and Vibration Analysis of Boiler Feed Pump. Through this the security of equipments are ensured and wastage of energy is reduced.


Thermal Power Plant, Performance Evaluation and Analysis, Condition Monitoring, Vibration Analysis.

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