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Survey of Various Technologies for Object Identification for Differently Abled People

Megha Agarwal, Dr.S.R.N. Reddy



This paper discusses various technologies and assistive devices that have been produced to help differently abled people to overcome the loss of particular function. A widely accepted solution to these problems is Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) technology. The wide variety of objects, their varying visual appearance and their varying size makes object identification very difficult, especially for blind people. Hence there is a great need of a system of object identification to be developed for the blind. To alleviate this problem, a framework is here forth proposed that combines RFID based object identification with recorded audio message simulation. The discussion starts with the basic overview of the RFID technology moving towards its various applications over the past few years. Further we present a parametric and qualitative comparison of the various RFID applications and then a proposed system of ―Object Identifier for the Blind‖. The details of the implementation of the system will soon follow.


Assistive Devices, Object Identifier, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology, RFID Advantages.

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