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Navigation Function Validation in FMS

T.T. Sivaprasad, A. Saravanakumar



Modern FMS use Performance Based Navigation systems which utilize the modern sensor systems for precise position calculations. Validation of such results needs to be accurate. In this paper a method is proposed to automate the evaluation of Navigation functionalities in FMS. Evaluations require development of scenarios which on execution in the simulation system give the evaluation results. These evaluation results need to be compared with the expected results of the corresponding functionality. The kind of evaluation here we are implementing is white box, that is only the outcome of the functionalities are considered for evaluation. This requires capturing of data on AFDX virtual links (VLs) and Multi-Functional Display (MFD). In order to automate the scenario, capturing of data outcome and compare the actual and expected outcome, scripting language is used which will run on the simulation system. An Automation library is developed which include a number of general functions which can be used number of times for automating the scenarios. This Library can be used for other functional areas of FMS. It is a tedious process to manually evaluate a functionality having hundreds of outcomes. This can be easily handled after automation using this general functions.


AFDX Virtual Links, Cockpit Display System, FMS, Navigation Systems, RNAV, RNP.

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