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An Advanced OS (Customized OS) Design for Pocket PC’s based on WinCE 6.0

M.A. Sidhu, J. Nalini


 The systems engineers designing Personal Communication Products face issues that require a new approach to solve the balance act between end user perceived (GUI) performance and unnecessary applications developed on their products. In this paper we approach a new trend in designing personal communication devices. The hardware is based on a 32-bit Embedded microprocessor with low-power and high performance S3C2440A, the real-time operating system is Windows CE 6.0,is used to complete the work of programming. This paper mainly introduce concept of designing unique OS and unique application development to the individual customer based on the WinCE embedded operating system which will bring a new revolution in international markets.


Graphical User Interface (GUI), Operating System (OS), S3C2440A Processor WinCE.

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