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Smart Helmet with Peltier Module Using GSM AND GPS System

Gulzar Ansari, Ashok Seervi, Arvind Kr Mahto, Amarendra Kr Guddu, Gopal Lal Dhaker, E. Sheeba Percis


In present day scenario we encounter numerous cases of two wheeler road accidents leading to death. The main reason being severe head injuries. Despite of the fact that helmets are available everywhere, people are not wearing them for protection. In this regard, and infer that people abandon use of helmet primarily due to inconvenience caused by excess heat generated inside it. In this paper we present the design of the prototype we upgraded the helmet with Peltier module and GPS. With inventory included in helmet, comfortable temperature can be maintained in helmet by using Peltier module which works on the basis of thermoelectric effect. In the event of road accidents the precise location of the rider can be tracked out using GPS system and gives the message to emergency vehicle.


Peltier Module (TEC-12706T125), Micro Controller, Temperature Sensor (LM35D), ADC0804, GPS and GSM Modules, LCD Display, BC547, ADXL335, Relay, Voltage Regulator.

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