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Experimental Investigation of Performance and Emission of Jatropha Esters and Cashew Nut Shell Liquid in DI Compression Ignition Engine

V. Palvannan, Dr.K. Balagurunathan


Internal combustion (IC) engines are the power horses of the modern world. Dwindling fossil fuel reserves and increasing demand necessitates exploration of new alternative fuels which are renewable in nature. Jatropha methyl esters are well established as diesel engine fuels but jatropha biodiesel is two to three times costlier than diesel fuel as on today. This research work aims to utilize a cheaper alternative to diesel fuel so that it becomes economically sustainable. Extensive Research work was conducted by the authors in IC Engines Laboratory to use Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CSNL) which is a cheap byproduct of cashew nut production process and jatropha derived bio diesel as alternative fuels for Direct Injection (DI) diesel engines. The results obtained during the experiments using CNSL upto 30% blends by volume, are compared with jatropha biodiesel from the point of combustion characteristics, emission and brake power output leading to the final conclusion that jatropha has slightly better emission characteristics and CNSL has good power output and emissions comparable to diesel fuel.


Alternative Fuel, Biodiesel Production, Cashew Nut Shell Liquid, CNSL, Engine Emissions, Fuel Testing, IC Engine Performance, Renewable fuel, Transesterification.

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