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Experimental Investigations on the Effects of Nano- Additive Blended Diesel Fuel on CI Engine

T. Pushparaj, CT. Umamaheswari, S. Ramabalan


Diesel engines are widely used for their low fuel consumption and better efficiency. Ever increasing diesel consumption, large outflow of foreign exchange and concern for environment have prompted developing countries like India. Recently, because of increases in crude oil prices, limited resources of fossil oil focus on nano additives in diesel engines. In this study, performance tests were carried out on diesel engine with neat diesel fuel; diesel with 10ppm cerium oxide nanoparticle blend and 30ppm and 50ppm blend with as additive. The effects of the additive cerium oxide nanoparticles on the engine performance and emissions are studied, and comparisons of the performance of the fuel with and without the additive are also presented. The experimental results revealed a substantial enhancement in the performance and a reduction in harmful emissions.


Cerium Oxide Nano Additive, Ci Engine, Emissions Performance.

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