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Design and Implementation of Voice Control System for Wireless Home Automation based on MFCC

M. Anjugam


This paper presents the design and implementation of a voice control system for wireless home automation networks. Home automation industry is growing rapidly. This is fuelled by the need to provide supporting systems for the people, especially the elders, blinds and people with disabilities. The overall design of a wireless home automation system (WHAS) which has been built and implemented. In this system one or more voice recognition modules have been added to the wireless networks. The automation centres on recognition of voice commands & uses zigbee communication modules. The voice command is a person independent. The voice sample is stored in database along with the function key. The voice received is processed and extract feature of the voice and find the matching sample from the database. The voice is processed and then the feature is extracted based on the MFCC algorithm. The voice recognition system contains two main methods as follows, “Feature Extraction” and “Feature Matching”. The matched samples generate the corresponding function key and transmit through zigbee module. The receiver is attached to the microcontroller. The microcontroller then processes the received data and switches the respective appliance.


Feature Extraction, Feature Matching, Home Automation, MFCC Algorithm, Speech Recognition, Vector Quantization.

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