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Designing of Boot Loader for Windows Embedded CE6.0 with its Implementation based on SD CARD and EBOOT

Harshitha.K. Raj, S.R. Sujatha, Dr.M. Siddappa, P. Satish Kumar


As various applications have been developed for different intention in Embedded System the boot loader plays important role in system, especially the embedded systems which are widely used in different field. Windows CE6.0 is the operating system used that assorts with the device drivers, the platform for applications and the core of Embedded System. The Boot loader is a program that loads the main operating system. Boot loader is a piece of code that runs before any operating system running. It is mainly to initialize hardware, boot the system, and download programs into RAM. The SDCARD boot and Ethernet Boot (EBOOT) are the most common known boot loader. In this paper, we present a two ways of loading process of operating system namely SDCARD Boot and EBOOT.


Boot loader, SDCARD, EBOOT, WINDOWS CE 6.0 Operating System, Embedded System.

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