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A Universal Smart Quantity Analysis System

R. Yuvarajvikram, N. Ben Sherwin, R. Irfan Baig


In this paper we are going to deliver the ration things using the RFID based smart card. The Government implements many schemes to the poor people and to the every family by using the ration shops. By using the ration shops the government is delivering the things like sugar, rice, palm oil etc.., in natural it is not an automated system, to make it as an automatic system it can be framed on basis of aadhar cards they are looped under one family and gives a RFID based smart card. The proposed automatic ration shop for public distribution system is based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology that replaces conventional ration cards. The RFID tags are provided instead of conventional ration cards. Customer’s database is stored in microcontroller which is provided by Government Authority. Customer needs to scan tag to RFID reader, and then microcontroller checks customer’s details with stored to distribute material in ration shop. After successful verification, customer needs to enter type of material as well as quantity of material using keypad. After delivering proper material to consumer, the microcontroller sends the information to customer as well as PDS authorities using Global System for Mobile (GSM) technology.

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