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Virtual Instrumentation Based Continuous Monitoring and Control of Drip Irrigation System in Agricultural

J. Indirapriyadharshini, T. Sivaranjani


In agriculture fields, smart irrigation method is needed to minimize the water consumption. Sprinkler based irrigation and drip irrigation are common methods for effective irrigation system. In this paper, the sprinkler based irrigation system is proposed using LabVIEW. A practical problem is no assurance that water has been sprayed uniformly for all areas of field. Some areas may be watered highly and some areas they get only poor water supply. Hence, the sensor nodes are used to sense the water supply condition of any particular area in order to find out the regions with poor water supply.  It transmits the sensed value through zigbee to the sprinkler. Microcontroller attached to the sprinkler will act based on the sensed values to increase water flow or reduce the flow.


Sprinkler, Drip Irrigation, Humidity, Moisture, LabVIEW

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