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Finite Element Analysis and Experimental validation on Non-Linear Stiffness of Ball Bearing

M.S. Starvin, J. Ebenezer Samuel Daniel, K. Manisekar


Rolling bearings are used in great utility of machine elements such as rolling mill, textile machinery and air conditioner. Ball bearing stiffness is an important parameter in the design of machine components because of its effect on the performance of the system. The analysis of ball bearing is a complex process. The ball bearings are associated with nonlinearities such as mechanical gaps and the hertzian contacts between the rolling balls and the races. In this paper, an attempt is made to calculate the nonlinear stiffness of the outer raceway-rolling element- inner raceway system of standard ball bearing SKF 7305 BEP using FE techniques. The FE results are compared with the experimental and analytical results and are graphically represented. The results show a good agreement with the values calculated using Hertz relation.


Experimental, Finite Element Method, Non Linear Stiffness, Rolling Bearing,

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