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Designing Diesel Engine Cylinder Head Gaskets Using the Gasket Material Option of the Analysis Package Based on FEM

P.S. Srinivas, Srikanth Padavala


The designs of diesel engine cylinder head gasket joints are complicated by the non-linear response of the head gasket’s materials. Linearization of these material responses can lead to significant errors in the solution. The diesel engine cylinder gasket joint is modeled and analyzed for the stress distribution. The One-dimensional nonlinear approximation made by the Gasket material option in the analysis package based on FEM sufficiently captures the response of the nonlinear gasket materials while maintaining practical solution times for the large model sizes associated with multi-cylinder head gasket joint models. This paper gives an overview of the model building and assembly process used to create a head gasket joint model, describes the non-linear nature of the materials used in the model. The analysis package based on FEM can give comprehensive details that can assist the designer to enhance the performance of components making.


Gasket, Solid 185 Element, Cylinder, Cylinder Head

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