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Determination of Quick Switching System by Attributes Under Fuzzy Poisson Distribution

Dr. G. Uma, R. NandhiniDevi


A sampling system is a grouping of two or more sampling plans with specified rules for switching between the plans for sentencing the lots of finished products.  Quick Switching System (QSS) are used to make accept or reject decisions when inspecting a series of lots.  QSS is a sampling system with reference to single sampling plan that involves normal and tightened plans by incorporating a switching rule. Quick Switching System can be applied to protect from poor quality and to reduce the cost of inspection. When the fraction defectives or uncertainty attained the fuzzy logic can be applied. This paper studies the determination of Quick Switching System using fuzzy Poisson distribution with OC curves of various sample size and fixed acceptance number.


QSS, OC, SSP, Fuzzy Set

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