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A Bird‟S Eye-View on the „A/Waiting”for the Day: Public Viva-Voce

B. Mohana Priya


The finality of a serious, studious, strenuous and long-waiting process is over once a PhD thesis is submitted. The viva examination is the culmination of the PhD process. However, it is important to prepare carefully for this final and important hurdle. In this paper, we look at the different stages of the viva examination, which include undertaking a careful and systematic preparation. Also, the sufferings and plight of a PhD candidate during the so called waiting period between the submission and final public viva are highlighted. This preparation involves gaining a comprehensive awareness of the university procedure for the viva, researching examiners, and considering the value of having a mock viva. The paper explores the actual viva and makes suggestions to deal effectively with questioning from the examiners. Finally, the results of the viva and steps needed to address corrections are discussed.


Public Viva, Viva Examination, External Examiner, Internal Examiner, Research Supervisor, Substantive Knowledge, Craft Knowledge

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