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Drafting the Vision of Technology and E-Content

B. Mohana Priya


With the speed at which technology is changing the world, it is impossible to imagine education in the year 2020 not being immersed in technology. As the new millennium unfolds itself, most people are by now aware that we are in the midst of one of the most dramatic technological revolutions in history that is changing everything, the way in which we work, communicate, transact business, spend our leisure time and what not. The technological revolution centres on computer, information, communication and multimedia technologies, is often interpreted as the beginnings of a knowledge or information society, and therefore ascribes education a central role in every aspect of life. This great transformation poses tremendous challenges to educators to rethink their basic tenets, to deploy the media in creative and productive ways, and to restructure education to respond constructively and progressively to the technological and social changes. With ICT, there are better ways and opportunities to make above principles more realistic learning experiences. ICT encourages interactions, development of collaborative culture and utilization of active learning and introduction of feedback in proper context. Thus this paper deals with the vision of technology and E-Content.


Product of E-Content, Multi Media Facilities, Pedagogical Content Knowledge.

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