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Gate Diffusion Input Technique-Applications and Modifications: An Overview

Anuja Askhedkar, Dr. G. H. Agrawal


This paper primarily focuses on Gate Diffusion Input (GDI) technique used for the implementation of digital logic circuits.  It also discusses in detail the limitations and modifications of the basic GDI technique. Initially, GDI was a new technique used for low power digital combinational circuit design. This approach provides a reduction in power consumption, propagation delay, and area of digital circuits while the logic design complexity is small. GDI methodology allows implementation of a wide range of complex logic functions using only two transistors. GDI is a new technique for digital circuits implementation with a lot of advantages over existing ones. This paper also analyzes the recent applications of GDI technique which are the implementation of MASH 1-1 and MOD 2 modulator for Sigma Delta DACs and development of full adders for efficient arithmetic operations.


Area, Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor, Delay, Full Swing, Gate Diffusion Input, Pass-Transistor Logic, Power-Delay Product, Power Dissipation, Swing Restoration

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