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Stimulation of Plant Growth in Hydroponics using Nutrient Film Technology and Report Generation using Orange Data Mining Tool

R. Madhumathi, R. Dharshana, P. Harini


The Hydroponics is defined as the cultivation of plants in water without soil. This system enables the cultivator to grow plants. It is the simplest technique to grow plants commercially over large scale. By creating a web interface, gardener can view the different statistics and state of the current growth process. Hydroponic system can be processed inside our home which is void of land resources. This project focuses on analyzing the alkalinity of the nutrient solution through sensors and also helps to predict the growth rate. The sensors get connected to the core controller which transmits and receives the data. The plant system is inserted inside the bottle which is filled with nutrient solution in diluted form. The water culture technique involved helps to detect the alkalinity using temperature and pH sensor along with arduino embedding procedure. The pH sensor denotes the level of water in which the plants are grown and the temperature sensor detect the circumstances around. The parameters such as temperature and pH sensor of the water are measured. The measured values are transferred to the core controller and data can be viewed using web application. The nutrient level is maintained based on the Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) which is a hydroponic technique and also an alert is created when the alkaline level does not fall in the specified range.


Hydroponics, Nuclear Film Technology, Agriculture;

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