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Career Choice of First Year BIT Food Technology Students and its Influence on their Academic Performance in Applied Chemistry

Rinalyn G. Magtibay, Dennis G. Caballes


As career choice gives impact to learner’s future, his inclination to a certain object or particular thing guides him basically on what he wants to do or accomplish throughout a lifetime. This study analyzed career choices made by the respondents and their motivation in choosing their choice. The relatedness of the preferred program to their chosen program was correlated with their academic performance in Applied Chemistry. The study revealed that there was no significant correlation on the two variables used. The respondents’ preference on what career to pursue did not affect their performance. Those respondents who preferred programs not related to Food Technology still excel academically. The motivation and positive point of view of the respondents may assist together with the effective and tailored instructions that diagnosed the preferences of the respondents. The parents’ involvement and support on the respondents also helped them to look on the brighter side and therefore motivate them to pursue their studies.


Applied Chemistry, Academic Performance, Career choice, Food Technology Preferred Program

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