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IOT Based Smart Helmet for Underground Mines

T. Arachelvi, M. S. P. Arunbalaji, S. Balamurugan, K. B. Gowri, H. Sabareesh


Due to the increasing disaster in the mining area, the security of the underground miners is a basic priority these days. The disasters or the difficulties faced by the workers are underground gas explosion, deficiency of light. If any problem or accident occur to the miner, all problem goes on there must be intercommunication channel between the miners, supervisor and control station. Helmet is one of the safety accessories to the miners. Our aim is to make the helmet even safer by adding the IOT technology .The proposed system will sense the environmental conditions of the miners in the mining field and updates the data to the control station. If any abnormal condition occur they are able to provide the rescue as early as possible .In our project we uses different sensors like gas sensor , humidity , temperature sensor, LDR and IR sensor, GSM, heart beat sensor and PIC microcontroller.


Mining, IOT, Raspberrypi, Miners Alert, Smart Alert, Miner’s Health Monitoring

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