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An Overview on Organ Regeneration and Repair

S. Thennammai, R. Swapna, S. VidyaShree, A. Kavya


This paper can explore the regenerative measures of human. In current scenario there are many advancements in the field of medicine and it is scientifically proved that stem cell transplantations and clinical trials involving transplantations of stem cell into human cells of patients whose cell are regenerated in human body or through artificial mechanism which might help the organs to function properly as possible. Even though human cell regeneration will not help the humans to to regain the organs to full extend. Research persons , scientist are trying to discover new methodologies to gain either naturally or through some process. Because of human biology there might be some barriers which might not work. But by understanding the fundamental principles of how cells change their identity.


Regeneration-Stem Cell-Biomaterials-Bone, Marrow- Neurogenisis

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