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Studies on the Hepatoprotective Property of Folklore Medicinal Plants of Badagas in Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, Western Ghats-Phytochemistry and Antioxidant Activity

G.V. Madhunisha, S. Gayathri, S. Nirmaladevi, K. Janardhanan


Badagas are the original settlers of the Nilgiris district,Tamil Nadu in Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve falling in Western Ghats.Eight selected medicinal plants alleged to cure liver disorders aresubjected to phytochemical screening and two plants assayed forantioxidant activity in the present study. The medicinalplants. Embelia basaal contains the maximum number of bioactivecompounds like alkaloids, flavanoids, saponins and tannins, followedby Heracleum sprengelianum which shows alkaloids, glycosides,flavanoids and saponins. Givotia rottlariformis possesses saponnins,tannins and triterpenes only. The antioxidant activity of methanolextract of Givotia rottlariformis shows the highest activity about 5-6times more than that of ascorbic acid (the standard); whereas themethanol extract of Embelia basaal exhibits only about 3 times morethan that of ascorbic acid. Therefore, crude drug preparations forjaundice therapy may be attempted utilizing these two folkloremedicinal plants.


Jaundice, Phytochemical Screening, Antioxidant Activity, Badagas, Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve

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