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Exploratory Effects of Strategic Intervention Materials in General Biology 2

Daniel A. Dapitan, Dennis G. Caballes


Science, as a highly advanced yet practical discipline, provides a person with opportunities to develop life, practical skills and most importantly scientific skills. Learning its topics becomes easier with the aid of various Instructional Materials (IMs) which are necessary for achieving the goals teaching-learning process and address the needs of diversified learners. Strategic Intervention Material (SIM) is an activity where students can utilize it in and out of the four corners of classroom. This research endeavor aimed to find out the effectiveness of SIM in General Biology 2 of STEM class. The study utilized single group pretest-posttest experimental design. About 15 participants were used as subjects. Mean, Standard deviation, and Wilcoxon signed rank test were the statistical tools employed. The study revealed that students have improved performances after using SIM as depicted in the computed sig value of 0.004 and 0.001 for DNA and Protein synthesis and Recombinant DNA respectively. With these, teachers are encouraged   to make and utilize SIM as an effective material to achieve learning objectives.


Exploratory, Effectiveness, Strategic Intervention Materials.

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