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Real Time Non-Invasive Iris Image Analysis for Pulmonary Disease Identification and Corrective Measure of Iridology

K. Sivasankar


The study of the iris for medical purposes is called
iridology and it is the science of analyzing the delicate structures of the iris of the eye. In iridology point of view the iris has very close relationship with every organ in the body. Iris analysis is having many advantages for iridologists in order to detect symptom in patient's iris. Iridology is a novel and non invasive approach of medical analysis because there are no touching, no damage to human
body. The Iridologists have to measure color of iris, its density, open and closed lesion, sign on iris image and the location of body organ in iris image as stated in iridology chart. Many consider iridolgy a “fringe” practice and it is a pseudoscience, but it has enormous
potential when practiced correctly. So this project is proposing a real time approach to analyze human iris for Pulmonary Diseases using Image Processing techniques and proposed to measure correctness of iridology experimentally through comparative study with Clinical Testing. The comparative study is based on Iridology Chart developed by Dr. Bernard Jensen. The pulmonary diseases are the problems in lungs area which is in position at 9.0 to 10.0 in right iris and 2.0 to 3.0 in left iris based on Jensen Chart.


Iridology, Pulmonary Diseases, Water Flow Method, Circular Hough Transform, Jensen Chart.

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