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Survey on Real Time Hand Gesture Recognition Techniques

Vivek D. lad, Ramesh M. Kagalkar


In the today’s busy world gestures carries an important role in everyday life of human being in order to convey their motions and data. And hence gesture recognition is necessary part of Human Computer Interaction (HCI). In recent years the Human Computer Interaction (HCI) become an attractive field for researchers. Hardware devices like keyboard, mouse, joystick can be replaced with compatible touch less environment with computer interaction. There are many issues in video processing. The task of video processing becomes difficult when there are shadows, moving objects and changing light effects present in video. The approach of this paper is to analysis methods and techniques used for video processing and gesture recognition by different researches. This paper review dynamic hand gesture recognition for video processing.


Video Processing, Image Processing, Hand Gesture Recognition, Machine Learning, Support Vector Machine.

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