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Biometric Smart Card for Voter Identity with Secured Fingerprint Reader

P.J. Bharani, B. Gopinath


Identification and authentication by individuals' biometric characteristics is becoming an accepted procedure that is slowly replacing the most popular identification procedure – passwords. Rapid progress of biometric technology and its expanded application brings new possibilities in identification process. Biometric Smart card for Voter Identity (BSVI) with Secured Fingerprint Reader for the identification of voters can be used as electronic document. This paper explores the advantages of introducing use of the BSVI in a system based both on Biometric Identification and on the Power of Smart Cards and the objective defends the use of BSVI as a decisive element for the secured identification of voters and it provides a summary description of the system operation. This system can be mainly used for avoiding illegal voting and to avoid vote selling. Even unenlightened people can use it in a proper way without being cheated by others.


Biometric Smart Cards, Fingerprint Reader, Identification, Authentication, Polling, Pulse Sensor, Security.

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