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A Modern System for the Safety and Security of Women

S. R. Alagu Harshini, Akshara Ravindran, G. Baby, K. Vinothini, J. Priya


Women are the backbone of our country and they play a vital role from their birth to end of their life. The crimes against women are increasing now a day in a very high manner. They are feeling very unsafe due to the harassments. Nearly 85 percent women were experiencing this harassment in their colleges, work places and even in public areas. This proposed paper work aims to provide security to women during the times of discomfort, emergency or any threat that she feels in any scenario. This module contains sensors, Arduino, GPS, GSM which is used to get information about the problem and for tracking their current position in which side she is held and information is sent via GSM. The condition of her is conveyed to the respective saved contacts for her immediate rescue.


GPS, GSM, Accelerometer, Sensors, Arduino

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