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Worker Safety and Alert System in the Hazardous Environment by using IoT

M. Balasubramani, N. Athilakshmi, M. Diya, S. Durgadevi, B. Monisha


Today’s world the mine accidents is very increased, Underground coal mine operation has always proved to be a very dangerous and hazardous environment due to presence of coal dust, methane and other toxic gases. In this project, an IoT (Internet of Things) based system is proposed to ensure safety to the coal mine workers in underground collieries. In this system sense the poisonous gas present in the hazardous environment such as methane, co, co2 and etc…and this system also detect the fire, temperature and humidity level by based on MEMS. All sensed parameters values are fed to ARDUINO based microcontroller unit. The same statistics is communicated to web server in PC for monitoring by using ESP8266 module based on Wi-Fi communication. After sense, give an alert to the workers by using buzzer with display on LCD. An introducing the control process of abnormal event such as fire extinguisher and blower. Blower is control the methane gas and fire extinguisher is control the fire.


IoT, Wi-Fi, PC, Web Server, Sensors, MEMS.

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