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Survey Paper on Object Detection in Dynamic Background for Outdoor Surveillance System

Komal Parmar, Sagar Virani


In current scenario, the need of surveillance systems are increasing continuously throughout the world. Video surveillance system is the monitoring of behavior, activities and other changing information for the purpose of impacting, managing, coordinating or security of people. The word surveillance comes from a French expression for “watching over”. Surveillance used by governments for intelligent gathering, prevention of crime, the assurances of procedure, person, group or object. It is likewise utilized by criminal associations to design and perpetrate violations, for example, theft and hijacking, by organizations to accumulate insight, and by private specialists. Outdoor surveillance have many parameter for security reason. Firstly, system have to deal with different atmospheric changes like rain, haze and fog and then detect object from the image. So, in security reason it is very hard to detect object in such type of dynamic background.


Video Surveillance, Point Tracking, Object Detection, Noise Removal

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