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A Security Based Wavelet Fusion for Palm and Gait Recognition

S. Mary Praveena, Dr. Ila Vennila


In recent years, there have been increased security concerns among public and in the organizations. Researchers have been looking upon finding new biometric tools that is user friendly, easily acceptable by public and easily be captured for processing. This paper proposes a two-level security system that focuses on GAIT and PALM recognitions for security in the organizations. Gait based recognition requires silhouettes for processing and is based on wavelet analysis. Palm module uses Haar wavelet energy for its processing. The analysis of Human gait and Palm are newer compared to face, Iris, Fingerprint and DNA.Gait analysis based on wavelets works better under noisy silhouettes and compares well in terms of performance with other existing methods.Palmprint identification requires geometric, line, point, stastical and texture features in recognizing an individual and it can be got by using ordinary high resolution digitalcamera.The performances of the proposed system is tested with gait and palm databases.


Gaitrecognition, Biometrics, Palmprint Recognition, Haar Transform, Wavelet Transform.

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