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Enterprise Wide Employee Identification using Mobile Service

R. Aswini Priyanka, S. Baskari


Smart phones support location-based services (LBS) like maps, navigation, tracking services and applications. Users can query the LBS server and get information about surroundings. But the user queries give away private information, enabling the LBS to track them. It leads service operator to misuse their personal data. These issues are addressed by introducing a novel mechanism for mobile user. The mobile users are authenticated by a secure mechanism and they are interacting with clients for their business needs. In proposed system, by injecting a novel mechanism to track the User location it incorporates the service-based orchestration engine using predictive analysis technique. The predictive analysis computation is introduced in this project via threshold limits to address the incorrect data stream coming from up-stream systems.


Location-Based Services (LBS), Geo-Location, Predictive Analysis, Service-Based Orchestration Engine

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