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Survey for Video Forgery in Forensic Research

P. S. Raskar, Dr. S. K. Shah


Videos are most important shreds of evidence in many cases like sports, politics, journalism, criminal cases etc. Thus the security of videos for the forensic purpose is crucial and essential. The goal of forensic video security is to check the decency of videos, as many video editing software are available in the market by which the contents of videos can be changed easily. Hence forgery detection has great importance in the field of video forensic. This paper presents an overview of video forensic technique and analysis of different approaches used for forgery detection: frame integrity, frame deletion & security in forensics. Thus, the contribution of the paper is to highlight review of video forgery detection approaches. Further techniques proposed with respect to video forensic are discussed.


Digital Forensics, Video Forgery Detection, Frame Detection, Frame Deletion

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