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Agriculture Using Cloud Computing

Madhu P Gondi, M. Manjusree


Cloud is one of the technology where all the information is stored, and can be accessible from anywhere at any time by the end users. It plays an important role in the field of agriculture, in which nearly 70% of our India population is completely dependent on the agriculture. As the farmers of India are still following the crude method of farming, that reduces the productivity and they will not be able to get more profit, but the major income of the India is from the agriculture only. So use of the cloud computing technology, may increase the productivity and profit percentage of the farmer. In the proposed paper, it gives information about how the cloud computing is helpful in the agricultural sector. Agriculture cloud contains the information about the climate, soil fertility, humidity, fertilizers, crop details, insecticides and other information that helps the farmers to improve their knowledge and to take good decision about the variety of crops that is needed for cultivation. This paper informs about the agricultural cloud, services provided by the cloud computing, role of cloud computing in agriculture, benefits of cloud computing in agriculture, challenges of cloud computing in agriculture and deployment models, different technologies used in cloud computing.


Cloud Computing, Services Provided By Cloud-IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, Agricultural Cloud, ICT, IOT, Data Mining.

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