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IOT Enabled ARM based Wearable Monitoring System for Child Safety

R. Thangamalar, K. Vijayalakshmi


The paper address the significant favorable IOT enabled smart wearable system which can be a measure for child safety. This wearable system can be utilized as a part of any cell phone and doesn’t really require a costly cell phone and not an exceptionally technically knowledgeable individual to work. The motivation behind this paper is to enable guardians to find their kids effortlessly. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth have all the earmarks of being a problematic medium of correspondence between the parent and youngster, the proposed model should have an SMS content empowered correspondence medium between the kid’s wearable and the parent. Ofcourse it should be GSM portable and web camera correspondence as it is practically present all over the place. The parent can send a SMS to find the level of smoke, temperature and switch on the camera to this module and so forth., the wearable module ARM Cortex-M4 using DSP instructions, answer back with a content containing the continuous exact area of the youngster which after tapping will give bearings to the kid’s area on Google maps application, so that the guardians can follow the kid.


IOT, Smart Wearable System, WIFI, Bluetooth, SMS, GSM Portable, Web Camera, ARM Cortex-M4

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