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Face Detection and Reorganization using Neural Network Concept

G. Pary, R. Ramji


Face recognition is the latest biometric technology which based on identification or verifying the person/user by his/her faces. The face recognition is done by using various algorithms for computing and processing the face for the specific purpose. We propose a new face recognition system, which automatically identifying a person/user from a video frame from the input video or video as live. In our model, we are using the concept of neural network concept to develop the algorithm called as Local Mapping analysis algorithm and we use cluster information’s (Neural Nets using statistical cluster information’s). By using this algorithm we can lead to eliminate the various problems that occurs in recognizing the face with some illumination variation, pose variations etc. By extracting some of the unique features like distance between eye, the shape of the cheekbones and the length between the jaw line etc.


Neural Network Concept, Statistical Cluster Information’s, Neural Nets Using Statistical Cluster Information’s, Illumination and Pose Variation, Mapping Analysis.

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