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Prediction of Malignant Cell using the Machine Learning Algorithms

N. Akila, B. Manoharan


Machine Learning (ML) is one of the core branches of Artificial Intelligence. It’s a system which takes in data, finds patterns, trains itself using the data and outputs an outcome. So what makes a machine better than a trained professional? ML has key advantages over Pathologists. Firstly, machines can work much faster than humans. A biopsy usually takes a Pathologist 10 days. A computer can do thousands of biopsies in a matter of seconds. Machines can do something which humans aren’t that good at. They can repeat themselves thousands of times without getting exhausted. After every iteration, the machine repeats the process to do it better. Humans do it too, we call it practice. While practice may make perfect, no amount of practice can put a human even close to the computational speed of a computer. Another advantage is the great accuracy of machines. With the advent of the Internet of Things technology, there is so much data out in the world that humans can’t possibly go through it all. That’s where machines help us. They can do work faster than us and make accurate computations and find patterns in data. That’s why they’re called computers.


Breast Cancer Prediction, Machine Vision, Machine Learning, Classification.

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