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Eye Blink Controlled Virtual Keyboard using HOG Algorithm

Akshay Thorve


HCI (Human Computer Interaction) is a new technology that encompasses a wide range of algorithms and strategies for improving human-computer interaction. Eye gazing technology is one of the most important approaches in current science, and it may be applied to a variety of fields such as security, typing, and data tracking. Many researchers were inspired by the need for a system for physically disabled individuals to design systems that could be operated solely by eye gazing and blinking. I'll demonstrate the creation of a implicit keyboard that works by sensing eye gazing and wink of eyes. It entails creating a setup that captures video footage from device camera and recognizes human beings face and eyes. To precisely determine faces we’ll apply a simple guideline the eyes and lips are regularly in the sample place as image making the eye detection process much easier. To accomplish so, we'll utilize a method that uses the 68 points of the human face, which are unique to each individual and must be present in every face, such as the eye region, top of the chin, eyebrow, nose, and outside border of the face. It uses eye blinking to select the required key from the implicit keyboard. This system's purpose is to allow users to type without using their fingers or hands. Such applications are extremely beneficial and grace for persons who have fully lost control of their limbs.


Blinks, HCI, Histogram, Virtual Keyboard

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