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Digital Imaging of Objects behind Steel Walls using Drone

Shaik Zainuddin, Stanley David, M. K. Vandhana, Rakesh Chandrashekaran, Dr. K. Ezhilarasan


In this paper, we describe an innovative idea for digitally imaging objects behind steel involving the efficient utilization of Hexacopter (UAVs) to facilitate real-time structural health observation and analysis. Steel is an extensively utilized alloy for the manufacturing of enginery in most factories, manufacturing facilities, and industrial units. The subsistence and upkeep of these engineries might become very costly, tedious, and unproductive if it needs disassembling, close scrutiny, and then the reconstruction. Hence an attempt is made in discussing a creative approach that will facilitate enginery examination without disassembling of enginery just as imaging the human body through x-rays. This will aid to recognize the source of the fault in enginery and required measures can be taken., Most often heat is a preliminary indication of machinery damage or breakdown, making it important to observe and analyze, hence in preventive maintenance programs, use of radio, Wi-Fi, heat, light, and sound signals via a drone for quick data accumulation from hazardous locations to get a digital image of the area being scanned from a safe distance from moving or energized types of equipment. Moreover, the current applications and future potential of drones in the industrial fields are discussed.


UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), Drone, Steel, X-Ray, Thermal Sensor, Image Processing Algorithm, Imaging, Maintenance, Inspection, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning.

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