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A Novel Crop Yield Prediction using Image Processing and Machine Learning

Norshiela Faisal, Suleiman Zubai


The fast pace of urban development minimize the agricultural lands. Owing to poor rainfall and drastic climatic changes farmers often face challenges to sustain cultivation of crops with respect to crop cycle. Generally suitability analysis plays a major role in understanding the agricultural needs and addressing the problems associated with production. The suitability analysis can be grouped into land suitability and crop suitability or crop-land suitability. Land suitability is the measure of land fitness to specific crops or methods while crop suitability is the measure of crop fitness suitable to grow in a particular land or region specific to temperature, soil type and moisture. This paper aims to survey on recent researches on crop and land suitability using data mining techniques.


Crop Suitability, Land Suitability, Data Mining, Classification, Agricultural Data Mining

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