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Diabetic Retinopathy Detection in Human Eyes using Segmentation Techniques

Mussarat Yasmin, Javeria Amin


In this research article, a brief insight into the detection of DR in human eyes using different types of image processing techniques is being presented. In any human eye, the various parts such the macula, OD, OC, fovea have an effect on the blood vessels which are in less comparision to the retinal walls 7. The first thing in detecting is the segmenting of the blood vessels which will help in detection. The walls of the blood veins in the retina has got many parameters such as dia, colour, width, length, branches, tortuosty. It has to be noted that if the eyes are not there, then the whole world would be dark and the human life even though it exists will be a waste. Different types of the disease occur in the eyes. One of the deadliest diseases which occur in the eyes is the DRThis disease occurs due the reduction of the nerve area in the retina. If the area of the RNFL decreases, then the optic nerve which is connecting to the brain gets damage, leading to the loss of vision.


Blood Vessel Segmentation, Diabetic Retinopathy, Retina Enhancement

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