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New Frame Work for Translation of Sign Language Action into Text Description in Kannada

Ramesh M. Kagalkar, Dr. S.V Gumaste


In later year's gesture based communication acknowledgment has turned in a standout amongst the most developing fields of examination and it is the most characteristic method of correspondence for the individuals with listening to issues. A hand signal acknowledgment framework can give a chance to hard of hearing persons speak with typical individuals without the need of a translator or middle. Proposed system is going to construct a framework and techniques for the programmed acknowledgment of the Kannada communication via gestures. Through that we are giving instructing classes to the reason for preparing the hard of hearing sign client in Kannada. The framework does oblige hand to be appropriately adjusted to the camera and does not require any wearable sensors. A substantial arrangement of tests has been utilized as a part of the proposed framework to perceive confined words from the standard Kannada communication through signing, which are taken before the camera with distinctive hard of hearing sign client. In proposed framework, we mean to perceive some extremely essential components of gesture based communication and to make an interpretation of them to content and the other way around. The proposed framework utilizing 36 Kannada letters in order for acknowledgment.


Kannada Sign Language, Hand Gesture Recognition, Canny’s Edge Detection, Processing, Feature Extraction, Pattern Recognition/Matching, Gray Scale Image, Database.

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