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Image Quality Countermeasures against Face Spoof Attacks

E.V. Vini, Blessy Varghese, A.V. Vinitha


Face authentication technique is one of the widely used user authentication method and the important application of image processing. It is easier to attack by printed photo, replayed video, etc. That type of attacks also known as presentation attacks. By this tendency computationally efficient algorithm for face spoof detection is still unavailable. A reliable anti-spoofing technique can prevent most of the presentation attacks. In this paper, we manage this problem effectively via different Image Quality Countermeasures. The objective of the proposed system is to enhance the face spoof Detection frame work by reducing the complexity and increasing the security level. This work conducted on a publically available print attack or video attack database that gives the effectiveness of the algorithm.


Image Quality Countermeasures; Face Authentication; Spoof Detection; Classifier.

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