Vol 4, No 2 (2012)

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Efficient Technique for Color Video Random Impulse Noise Removal PDF
S. Lakshmanan, Dr.V. Kavitha 59-61
Detection of Exudates in Retinal Images Based on Computational Intelligence Approach PDF
R. SriRanjini, M. Devaki 62-65
Lung Lobe Segmentation in CT Image PDF
P. Srinivasan, C. Indumathy 66-69
Noise Reduction in CT Lung Images PDF
M. Babykala, K. Sivanandam 70-74
Analysis of Image Using Discrete Cosine Transformation PDF
Virendra Singh, Dr. Vineeta Saxena, Manini Singh 75-79
Generation of Three Dimensional Structuring Elements Over 3x3x3 Rectangular Grid PDF
G. Ramesh Chandra, G. Sathya, Dr. E.G. Rajan 80-89
Group Theoretic Properties of Polygons, Polyhedrons and Hyper Polyhedrons Defined Over Discrete Lattices PDF
Towheed Sultana, E.G. Rajan 90-99
A Robust Digital Image Watermarking Technique Based on DWT and Fastica PDF
P. Mangaiyarkarasi, S. Arulselvi 100-105
Color Image Segmentation Based on Watershed Algorithm PDF
D. Jeyakumari, Dr.D. Somasundareswari 106-109

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